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Carrier Oils/Butters

These are the base oils used in soapmaking. Carrier oils are often called fixed oils. Each oil will impart different properties into the soaps you make. By using a variety of oils you can produce a luxurious soap bar with the exact properties you want.

Essential Oils

The highly concentrated, volatile, aromatic essences of plants obtained by distillation or expression. We sell only 100% pure essential oils. These are the same essential oils we use to produce our own herbal soaps. The oils not only impart their distinct scent but many also have therapeutic benefits.

Fragrance Oils

A blend of synthetic and/or natural ingredients creating a specific fragrance. These oils are cheaper than essential oil and do not have the therapeutic benefits. Many fragrances cannot be produced using EO, in which case fragrance oil is your only alternative.


Dried botanicals give texture and interest when added to your soap.


The basic equipment you need to be successful in your soapmaking. We offer stainless steel pots, scales, and thermometers. Also available are aprons and goggles for safety.


Books to help you get started in soapmaking or improve your skills.


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